altec Full Metal Card
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altec Full Metal Card

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Storage media for the highest levels of reliability
The altec Full Metal Card series based on proven SanDisk data storage technology is a high performance storage media for mobile use which meets the highest criteria for stability and reliability. Altec Full Metal cards also meet the high standards required for applications in aerospace, marine technology, the chemical industry and safety and environmental technology.


The altec Full Metal Card series is currently available in four different versions to meet varying requirements on ruggedness. Available storage capacities range from 8 to 440 Megabytes. Larger capacities will soon be available.

Solid Version

The cost-effective solid version has a very high immunity to mechanical loads and is suitable as a rugged storage media, e.g. for regular data exchange between stationary and mobile computer systems.

Full Metal Cards to IP 54 and IP 68

The housing of these cards are manufactured to the industrial standards IP 54 and IP 68 to meet higher requirements for water and dust resistance (Euronorm 60529). Protection class IP 54 provides increased protection against dust and splash water whereas PC Card housing to IP 68 are completely dust-proof and are water-proof to an immersion depth of 1 m. Both card models have an extended temperature range of -40 °C and +85°C and are particularly suitable for use in industrial environments.

Hermetic Military Full Metal Cards

The latest altec product range of type II Hermetic Military ATA Full Metal Cards meets the highest requirements for ruggedness and reliability even under extreme conditions. The altec MilCard series has successfully passed military standard vacuum, vibration and shock tests. The vacuum test proves that this PC Card series is even suitable for use in outer space. Vibration tests to 20 g showed that this series can withstand the loads which occur when a jet airplane takes off. And shock tests at up to 1500 g in the longitudinal, transverse and vertical axes showed that data reliability is also guaranteed under extreme crash situations.
Furthermore, altec MilCards are resistant to all types of fungus since antifungus materials are used during construction. In addition to military applications, the altec MilCard series also meets the particularly high criteria required for data storage and data transfer applications in aerospace, marine technology, the chemical industry and safety and environmental technology. Advantages
- Fully compatible type II ATA FlashCards with memory technology in proven SanDisk quality
- Particularly robust, stable case due to the unique full metal construction leading to exceptional resistance to deformation
- High level of vibration and shock resistance
- Corrosion protection and extended temperature range
- Customer-specific PC Card labels on request

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